Halloween is almost here! The struggle of finding a costume is over! Check out these great costumes that let you rock your glasses while looking great!



Superman/Supergirl – Classics are great for a reason! Pulling off this disguise is an easy look for anyone. Put on a Superman shirt, grab a button-down and drape a tie over your shoulder, or add a cape.


Nerd – Pick out your most stereotypical outfit. A plain or patterned button-down, dressy shorts or skirt, and a pair of suspenders. Put some white tape around the bridge of your glasses, and you’re good to go!


Hipster – Some thick-rimmed glasses and messy hair are about all it takes to pull off this look. Costume-wise you have a lot of options, most of which is probably already in your closet!  Jeans and band shirts and button-downs work, but so can a set of leggings with a bulky sweater. You can even take any regular costume and add thick glasses and create a hipster version of it!


Colonel Sanders – Put on your best white suit and black string bow tie. Then grab some white hair and white beard. Bring a friend dressed as a chicken (or one of your fast food competitors) and get ready for a grand old time.


Where’s Waldo – Red and white stripes are where it is at! Simple and easily recognizable. Just wear blue jeans, a striped shirt, and a red hat. This is a good costume for you and a friend, or a couple. Have fun hiding and popping up in random pictures!