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Aging Vision

As we go into our golden years, we tend to pay attention to our wrinkles, creaky joints, and gray hairs but forget that our vision ages as well. The smallest change in your eyeglass or contact lens prescription can make all the difference in your vision as you mature...

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Cataracts are a common vision problem among people over the age of 55. A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of your eye that varies by size. Due to this condition, one or both eyes can be impaired. It is likely that both eyes will develop cataracts and one lens may...

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Sun/UV Protection

Shading your eyes from the sun this summer season should be a top priority for your eye health. The sun supports all life on earth, but it also can be damaging to your vision. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are super strong, and the majority of people tend to focus only...

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Night Blindness

Numerous patients struggle with seeing in the dark; this condition is called night blindness. Night blindness does not mean you are incapable of seeing at night, but that your vision is weaker in the darkness. It also affects how your eyes adapt from going to light to...

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Healthy Eyes, Healthy Life

Seeing your Optometrist annually is very important for your eye health. An eye examination allows you to stay up to date with changes in your eyesight as well as your general health. Annual eye exams can go beyond ensuring you have a clear vision - they can also...

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