It seems every year we post a blog about the best Halloween costumes that include glasses, but every year we seem to find new ideas that we just have to share. This year is no different. We are a total fan of wearing your glasses with your costume, especially because Halloween contact lenses can do scary things to your eyes… see what we mean here. You can check out our old blog posts with mainly store bought costumes for more ideas, but this year we decided to go in a new direction – DIY! After scouring the internet, mainly Pinterest, for way too long here are the top 10 costumes we came up with : 

Whether you’re in search of a costume for yourself, or the little one in your life, any of these costumes would be fun!

10. Scuba Diver

-Grab some bottles, goggles, paint and black clothes and you’ve got yourself some scuba gear!-

DIY Scuba Diver

Get the instructions here

9. White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland

-Bunny ears, a clock, bowtie and some cute specs make for a great (and warm) costume, great for Trick-or-Treating-

White Rabbit

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8. Edna Mode – The Incredibles

-It’s not often you get to be a famous fashion director. Grab some black clothes, a wig, round glasses and practice your nasally voice for a fun filled night-


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7. John Lennon (and Yoko Ono)

-Round glasses, a jean jacket, an iconic “New York City” t-shirt and your girl are all you need (or fly solo and spend the night searching for your own Yoko Ono) for this classic Beatles look-


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6. Wise Owl

-Fabric from the craft store, round glasses and a crafty touch will make a unique outfit that turns heads-

Wise Owl

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5. Professor Trelawney

-If you’re a Harry Potter fan, grab a bandana headband, funky clothes, magnifying glasses and a crystal ball for a fun, creative twist on HP costumes (but be sure to practice your readings so you can impress others with your Divination skills-


4. Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey – Full House

-It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t spent many days binge watching Full House. Grab some 90s clothing and watch a few episodes to prepare and you’ve got yourself a costume everyone will love-

Uncle Jesse

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3. Alex Vause – Orange is the New Black

-If you’re obsessed with OITNB like most Netflix-loving people, this is the perfect costume for you. Tan scrubs, black frames and a sassy attitude are all you need to rock this look-


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2. Pineapple

-Cute, Simple, Fun. Grab a yellow dress, white flats, colorful sunnies and some green paper for what’s sure to be the most noteworthy costume at the party-


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1. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf-dog

-While your Husky may not be amused by this costume, everyone else is sure to be. A cute red dress, cape and flats, paired with an old purple t-shirt, shower cap and some glasses make for the cutest Halloween costume we’ve seen this year-

Red Riding Hood Husky_Edited

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that it doesn’t matter what you go as for Halloween. As long as you love your look and feel confident wearing it, you’re sure to have a blast whether your heading out for a night on the town, Trick-or-Treating with the kids, hitting up a house party or spending a relaxing night in handing out candy. Be sure to share all of your fun and creative costumes with us! Tag us in them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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