Just recently, a website was created to share insight on what certain forms of dyslexia can look like- and the results are a must-see. The goal of this website is to spread awareness for those who do suffer from dyslexia and for those who are not affected by dyslexia to appreciate how hard it can be to read or even do math.

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According to Teen Vogue, “Dyslexia is a learning difference affecting the way the brain processes written and spoken language. It is not laziness, disruptive behavior, or a general lack of comprehension.”

One commenter on the website described this learning difference similar to having bad eyesight! People who have dyslexia, but are not diagnosed, can suffer learning differences and are more likely to fall behind in school. Scheduling an annual eye appointment can help prevent instances like these!

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts on dyslexia!