Didn’t know Craft Month existed? Well, now you do- so let’s start celebrating! According to Days of The Year, “Craft month was created back in 1994 by the Craft and Hobby Association. Intended to help everyone rediscover the joy of crafting, it’s a month that’s all about learning new crafts, finding a new favorite handy hobby or perhaps revisiting a hobby you used to love back in the day.”

March may be ending soon- but you still have plenty of time to craft! It is no secret that we love anything eyewear related, so we are dedicating this month of crafting to our favorite accessories- eyeglasses and sunglasses!

wine glass

We LOVE this wine glass dedicated to everything optometry! All you need is a clear, inexpensive wine glass and some puffy paint and you are ready to go!


We totally approve of the eyeglass chain trend! It’s like a necklace and chain all in one! We love that you can get as creative as you want with no limitations. These are a must-do craft for this month!

sunglass holder

Tired of losing all your designer sunglasses? We got the perfect craft for you! So simple, cute and cheap! No instructions needed! Find a hanger and spruce it up with your favorite bow. Talk about a win-win!


Can’t find the case your frames came in? No problem! Create your own eyeglass case with your favorite fabric! Make sure you have access to a sewing machine and you are set!


If you try any of these crafts, share a picture with us! We want to see if these Pinterest crafts are a hit!

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Happy crafting!