As a parent, shopping for new eyeglasses with your children can be difficult with all the new styles and colors available. It can be hard to choose the frame they will want to wear throughout the year. Every child has their own personality and they should have a pair of frames that fits their personal style and flair. We wanted to share the top trends in children’s eyewear to help you both shop for that stylish and trendy pair of eyeglasses!



Children love color and why not have a pair of bright frames they can show off! You can find eyeglasses that have one solid color or have a touch of color! Girls love the pinks, reds, and purples while the boys are drawn to the blues, greens, and neon hues! The two-tone colors can give them a classic yet sporty look such as the combination of black and yellow or black and red. Brands like Hello Kitty give you playful colors for a fun look girls enjoy.






The Jetsetter

Do you have a jet setter in your home? Well, a classic black frame will give them a sleek and polished look that fits their style. Plus, you can never go wrong with a black frame, as it will never go out of style and you will find this pair to be very versatile.






The Cat’s Meow

Girls with a love for fashionable styles can be hard to please. Sometimes your little diva just needs to stand out! So, give her a cat eye frame that will give her the on-trend and feminine look that she is wanting! Cat eye eyeglasses are available in upbeat or classic colors to match her unique style.






Be Squared

If you have a little scholar on your hands, going with a classic square frame may be the perfect eyewear for them. The square shape is practical and classy, and you will find this frame to be a long-lasting staple. Most children can pull off a square style making it versatile to have, even as a backup pair!





Are you on the hunt for a new pair of kid’s eyeglasses for the school year? We have 19 full-service Crown Vision Center locations where you can schedule your kid’s eye exam and purchase that trendy frame for them afterward!