Glasses and contacts both have their advantages and disadvantages. Glasses are extremely convenient to put on and take off, however contacts remove the bulkiness you face with glasses. Sometimes, one compliments the look you’re going for better than the other. We are going to try to settle the debate of which one is truly better: glasses or contacts? We’ll give you a few tidbits of information that just might help make your decision easier.


g vs c


We are going to outline many different scenarios. Which one option will triumph?


SCENARIO: It’s raining outside, and you have to get out of your car to go into work.

Glasses: They fog up when entering a warm place from a cold environment and visibly show water droplets. All of them.

Contacts: Remain functional, despite the inconvenient rain.

glasses lose


SCENARIO: It was a long day at work. You sit down to watch some Netflix, but you end up falling asleep.

Glasses: Might fall off your face, but they’re still okay. Now where was I in that episode…

Contacts: Your eyes are dried out, irritated, red, and every eye movement is painful. Also, eyes are deprived of oxygen when you sleep in contacts. Lovely!

contacts lose

SCENARIO: Your high school reunion is coming up, and you want a fresh look for that evening.

Glasses: You pick up your designer frames that you only use for special occasions such as the reunion. You look GOOD.

Contacts: You’re feeling adventurous, so you use your green lenses to change up your eye color.



SCENARIO: It’s your company’s quarterly dodgeball competition! You’re doing well. Out of nowhere, Bill, from IT, manages to hit you right in the face with a ball.

Glasses: Whoa! Where’d they go? Wait, you found only one arm of them? So they’re broken. Does Bill really throw that hard…?

Contacts: Oof. That hurt. You can clearly see Bill laughing at you while he walks over to see if you’re okay.

glasses lose

SCENARIO: Family day at the beach is fantastic. Good food, great people, and then a huge gust of wind comes up.

Glasses: That was quite a gust of wind. Thankfully, glasses protect you from things like this sometimes!

Contacts: Don’t you just love sand in your eye? It’s the worst when it gets underneath that contact lens!

contacts lose

In Round One, CONTACTS seem to be the “better looking” option. But this debate is far from over! Be on the lookout in a couple of weeks for Round Two of this debate!

In the meantime, you can schedule an eye exam with us today and explore the options in person to decide for yourself!


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