Crown Vision Center provides patients with all aspects of eye care services including: eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, LASIK Surgery and diagnosis of eye diseases.

Vision is easy to take for granted, until we lose it or experience an eye related problem. Crown Vision Center eye doctors can help diagnose and treat specific diseases or conditions early with a routine eye exam or vision test.  Routine eye exams are critical to catching these diseases early on. As with many diseases, treatment works best when caught as early as possible. We recommend getting an eye exam annually, unless stated otherwise by one of our doctors. Schedule your routine eye exam today.

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Vision tests check many different functions of the eye. The tests measure your ability to see near and far distances, check for gaps or defects in your field of vision, and evaluate your ability to see different colors.

Visual acuity tests measure the eye’s ability to see details at near and far distances. The tests usually involve reading letters or looking at symbols of different sizes on an eye chart.

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Refraction is a test that measures the eyes’ need for corrective lenses (refractive error). Refractive errors, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, occur when light rays entering the eye can’t focus exactly on the nerve layer (retina) at the back of the eye.

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Visual field tests are used to check for gaps in your side (peripheral) vision. Your complete visual field is the entire area seen when your gaze is fixed in one direction.

Color vision tests check your ability to distinguish colors. It is used to screen for color blindness in people with suspected retinal or optic nerve disease or who have a family history of color blindness.

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Our doctors can detect, diagnose, and treat serious eye conditions including:

The information provided in this blog and on our web site does not substitute the advice, skill and experience of our professionals. You should always speak with your eye doctor immediately if you notice a change in vision or experience any unusual symptoms.

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