Black Friday is coming!  The best day to get all your holiday shopping done in one day.  We have looked over all the strategies to compile the best possible way to take on Black Friday!


  • Make a budget

Deciding how much you can afford to spend is an important first step.  What is your budget for all your holiday shopping?  It is very easy to go over your budget quickly so set a number you absolutely cannot go over!


  • Set your priorities

What are the most important things for you to get.  Things will sell out so make sure you head to your top items first.  Get the top gifts with the biggest savings first and then move on to the items you could live without.


  • Online or In-Store

Lots of great sales can be found online during Black Friday.  It would be great to be able to avoid all the craziness of running for items.  Some items you still have to get in the store, so be prepared to run.


  • Research

There are a lot of different stores and a lot of different sales.  Make sure ahead of time you look through all the magazines and look through the websites to find the best deals.


  • Get in shape

Black Friday is all about being quick and running from place to place.  It isn’t for the faint of heart.  Make sure you are ready to run and push your way through crowds.


With these tips you are ready to crush it on Black Friday and get all your holiday done in one day!