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Summer Vision Fest 2016

With summer drawing to a close, we held our annual Summer Vision Fest at our Lindell, Ferguson and Loughborough locations. At these locations we held NO COST vision screenings, vision checks and eyeglasses! All ages joined us and we saw patients as young as 5 years old! We welcomed every customer with open arms and even provided snacks, water and balloon entertainment for those who were waiting to see our doctor’s.

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Back To School Shopping

Sorry kids- but the days of summer are slowly dwindling down. And you know what that means? Back to school shopping! Time to find that new backpack that fits every wardrobe and notebooks for every class subject. Most importantly, it’s time for your  annual back to school eye exam! You may be dreading the cost of school supplies and other little necessities, but we got a treat for you and your wallet! Starting Monday, July 11th, we will be hosting our own back to school sale on prescription eye glasses! You don’t want to miss out on this Buy One Get One or Buy One Share One sale!

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Loughborough Commons Grand Opening

Having opened 23 locations in the St. Louis area, we’ve gotten to know many different people. Being so widespread across the St. Louis and Metro East area has allowed us to get to know people from all walks of life – which is our favorite part of our business. We get to spend time with our patients taking care of their eyes, styling them with the latest designer frames and laughing about how we remember patients’ kids being toddlers and now they’re coming to us at 25 years old! Our newest location serves the south St. Louis city location and we have loved every minute of being open – especially our times spent with the Lemay Chamber of Commerce!

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Guide To Firework and Eye Safety

Tis’ the season for fireworks. We can already taste the food on the grill, music in the air and red, white and blue clothing every way you turn. There is nothing we love better- besides our designer eyewear of course. With the summer coming to its peak, we want to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe couple of months- especially if you plan to be around fireworks. Your friends at Crown Vision Center came up with some tips on firework and eye safety for you and your loved ones this warm summer season.

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