Thanksgiving Feature

5 Foods For Your Eyes Found Right On Your Thanksgiving Table

We have to admit, this is one of our favorite times of the year. By the end of November, the excitement of summer has passed, the kids are settled back into the routine of school and you can feel the hustle and bustle of the holiday season picking up. Black Friday is right around the corner and  gifts are on the top of everyone’s minds. We’re excited, however, for a whole day of being thankful…. and delicious food of course!  Continue Reading >

Top 5 Important Things To Look For When Finding An Eye Doctor Near You

Whether you’ve just moved to town or are looking for a new optometrist, we know how hard it can be to find somewhere you feel at ease that’s also near your home or workplace. Hopefully you’ve never had a bad experience while getting your eyes examined, but if you have, we can promise you not all eye exams are bad, and not all are the same! You just have to find the place you feel at home, and it’s always a plus to have it near your home. Below we’ve listed what we feel are the top 5 most important thing to look for when searching for an eye doctor near you. Continue Reading >

The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year when the holidays start creeping in and you’re suddenly asked “What do you want as a gift this season?” If you’re anything like us, you’re overwhelmed with a whirlwind of T.V. commercials, radio ads and signs in every store you step foot into. Sure, a new MacBook or that Kate Spade purse you’ve been eyeing sound like they should be at the top of your list. While they would be lovely gifts, why not give yourself something better this holiday season? Give the gift of sight. Continue Reading >

Local Chamber Fun

The past few weeks have been busy here between changing season, Halloween and some of our favorite events with local chambers – Business After Hours. We love the opportunity to get to know members in the communities we provide eyecare too. These events always make for a great evening of networking, food, drinks and fun. Two weeks ago we spent the evening at our Tesson Ferry location with the South County Chamber of Commerce.

Here are some pictures of the highlights: Continue Reading >

Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Glasses

It seems every year we post a blog about the best Halloween costumes that include glasses, but every year we seem to find new ideas that we just have to share. This year is no different. We are a total fan of wearing your glasses with your costume, especially because Halloween contact lenses can do scary things to your eyes… see what we mean here. You can check out our old blog posts with mainly store bought costumes for more ideas, but this year we decided to go in a new direction – DIY! After scouring the internet, mainly Pinterest, for way too long here are the top 10 costumes we came up with :  Continue Reading >

Red Frames Are All The Rage

It’s here. Finally. That crisp air, the loud crack of the bat, the fall month that all of us die hard Cardinals baseball fans live for. Red October is here. We have to admit this month of the year we go a little’ red crazy’ but is that really a bad thing? We think it’s quite fitting that red is a fall color and also happens to be the main color of our favorite baseball team during the most important month of the entire season.  Continue Reading >