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Polarized Winter

It’s started… the first snow of the season just graced St. Louis with its presence, and we all know what that means…  more will soon be on its way, thus undoubtedly making our morning commute even more disastrous and our trees glisten with its shimmer. While we think to grab our favorite pair of sunglasses in the warm summer months, we sometimes forget how important they are for the colder winter months. Summer brings lots of sunshine and days relaxing by the pool so it’s natural to grab a pair of designer sunnies. Winter, however, means a lot of time running from the office to your car in hopes of avoiding the biting cold as much as possible. There is little time to remember to grab a pair of sunglasses. Continue Reading >

Sweater Weather

While the leaves are changing colors and the St. Louis weather is getting colder, we are seeing the 2014 fall style come out in full force. We’ve said goodbye to shorts and tanks, and hello to sweaters and jeans. While we may miss the warmth in the air, this year will more than make up for that with the hot fall and winter looks we will be seeing. Below we picked some of our favorite trends from this season and added some items that will be a staple in your closet during these cold winter months! Continue Reading >

Amazing Animal Eyes

Sometimes we wonder what the world looks like to our cats, dogs or pet snakes. We focus a lot on what our eyes see and how incredible they are, but we thought it would be fun to show you how some  animals perceive the world too! The cone and rod cells in our eyes allow us to see many different shapes and colors; it is said that the human eye can distinguish between 10 million colors. We are trichromats, meaning those cone and rode cells let us see red, green, and blue, as well as in small amounts of light. We also have some of the sharpest eyesight out there. This is not the same in a lot of animals, most of whom are actually colorblind and have blurry vision! Continue Reading >

Halloween Costume Ideas For Glasses Wearers

If you are still looking for a fun Halloween costume, don’t worry it isn’t too late to throw a clever costume together! We know it might be frustrating trying to find something to incorporate your glasses or sunglasses, but don’t you worry, we’ve compiled a list of awesome Halloween costumes that are perfect for those of us lucky enough to get to wear glasses!

Some of our favorites: Continue Reading >

Halloween Costume Dos and Don’ts

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting things about October is Halloween. When you’re younger all you can think about is that delectable candy and what you will be dressed up as while you go door to door trick-or-treating. When you’re older it’s frowned upon to go trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend as much time picking out a fun Halloween costume! While there are countless fun costumes to choose from, there are a few things to avoid when it comes to your eyes! Continue Reading >