Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays

There are two types of people when it comes to the holiday season. The ones who have all of their holiday gifts bought and wrapped by the beginning of December. Then, there are the ones who have yet to start their holiday shopping. No matter which person you are, we think there are always a few gifts that can be added to your list. We browsed our online store and picked out some of the best-selling designer sunglasses. Continue Reading >

Glasses vs Contacts – Which Is Better?


Glasses and contacts both have their advantages and disadvantages. Glasses are extremely convenient to put on and take off, however contacts remove the bulkiness you face with glasses. Sometimes, one compliments the look you’re going for better than the other. We are going to try to settle the debate of which one is truly better: glasses or contacts? We’ll give you a few tidbits of information that just might help make your decision easier. Continue Reading >

ENTER TO WIN our Labor Day BBQ Basket!

We are not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet! Summer is our favorite season, with the long sunny days that allow us to break out our favorite pair of sunglasses! With that being said we are going to take full advantage of the three day holiday weekend coming up! We wanted to celebrate by giving away a BBQ basket to one lucky Facebook fan. Keep reading to find out how to enter to win.

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