Halloween Costume Dos and Don’ts

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting things about October is Halloween. When you’re younger all you can think about is that delectable candy and what you will be dressed up as while you go door to door trick-or-treating. When you’re older it’s frowned upon to go trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend as much time picking out a fun Halloween costume! While there are countless fun costumes to choose from, there are a few things to avoid when it comes to your eyes! Continue Reading >

Red October

Today finally marks the start of Red October and we couldn’t be more excited that our St. Louis Cardinals have clinched the National League Central for the 11th time in 15 years! We’ve already seen the new Cardinals gear, and we’re sure there will only be more and more as they advance and win the World Series (*knock on wood*)! As we are stocking up on new Cards shirts,  hats and more, we thought to ourselves, what better way to show our support than a new pair of designer frames?  Continue Reading >

5 Easy Steps For Healthy Aging

As we age it’s no surprise that our bodies age as well. Generally, as the years add onto our lives, the health problems add up too. September isn’t over just yet so there is still time to acknowledge that it is Healthy Aging Month; we thought it would be a great time to remind you five simple steps, for all ages, that you can take to keep your body, and especially your eyes, healthy as long as you can. With the help of the Glaucoma Research Foundation, we’ve compiled 5 easy steps that will keep your eyes happy and healthy! Continue Reading >

10 Reasons To Buy Your Eyewear Online

There are some things we love buying online, and some things we generally shy away from. Most think buying eyewear online is scary. You may think – what if it isn’t done correctly? What if you don’t like the look of the frames on your face? It seems like there are too many things that could go wrong… but not anymore. Our new Crown Vision Center online store will ease all of your worries.  Continue Reading >

Guys It’s Your Turn: 2014 Fall Men’s Eyewear Trends

Guys, don’t worry, we most definitely didn’t forget about you! Last week we focused on the 2014 fall women’s trends, but this week is all about you. Though the weather in St. Louis has started to feel like fall, that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop wearing great sunglasses; it means it’s just the right time to find those perfect designer sunglasses or eyeglasses for the fall season! Whether you’re really into the upcoming trends, or just want some great eyewear, we’ve got the perfect style for you. Continue Reading >