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5 Reasons Polarized Sunglasses Are For You

We see it a lot, especially while shopping for sunglasses online. Regular suns are one price and their polarized counterparts are usually priced a bit higher. You’ve probably asked, “why is this?” Take the Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer for example. Each color is the same frame shape, but the polarized style are more expensive. While this may have deterred you from purchasing polarized sunglasses in the past, it shouldn’t anymore. Continue Reading >

Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day!

She spent years taking care of you from sleepless nights while you were sick and helping you with that homework problem you just couldn’t figure out, to teaching you those little life lessons you didn’t even realize she was until you were older. This Sunday, May 10, is the one day out of the year that is all about her, so why not go above and beyond this year?  Continue Reading >

An Exciting Week In St. Louis

This week is an exciting one for St. Louis residents and especially sports fans! Monday we celebrated Opening Day and the long awaited return of baseball to Busch Stadium. Today is tax day, which may not seem fun, until you get your refund back! Thursday evening marks Game 1 of the 2015 Playoffs for St. Louis The Blues, who will be taking on Minnesota Wild. Really, what more could a St. Louis sports fan ask for in a week?

Continue Reading >

Complement Your Look With Your Favorite Frames

We love those mornings when you walk into work feeling fabulous because your outfit is the definition of perfection. Everything matches, your hair is working and you are ready to take on anything thrown your way. If you’re anything like us, these mornings are few and far between, especially on those dreaded Mondays.  Continue Reading >

No More Finger Pricking to Test for Diabetes

Not having to prick your finger multiple times a day to draw blood and check glucose levels; how awesome! That’s the dream at least. About a year ago Google released information on one of their newest projects: Smart contact Lenses. Whether you’re that one in 19 on the planet affected by diabetes, or  someone you love struggles with the disease, imagine a world where painful, daily blood drawing was no more. Continue Reading >