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5 Steps To a Safer Tan

As summer approaches, it’s safe to say we are all excited for the warm days and bright sunshine. With that comes a nice summer color, or terrible burn depending on your skin type. In preparation for this, many spend hours a week in tanning beds to get a base color. While you may love the way it makes you look, we hate what it does to your body.

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It’s Tax Season Again

As tax day quickly approaches, that also means the day you get that awesome refund check is also approaching. While it may be stressful getting all the paperwork together to file, it’s all worth it when you get your return. What’s even better is that this St. Louis winter finally seems to be done rearing its ugly head. This past week has brought some much needed outdoor time! Whether you have spent your time outside in Forest Park or spent the day in Dogtown celebrating St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, there is no doubt it feels good to be able to walk outside without shivering from cold.

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March is National Eye Donor Month

It’s not something we usually think of when we think of organ donation, but eye donors are incredibly important. According to Saving Sight, “Americans will receive approximately 48,000 cornea transplant surgeries this year to preserve or restore their vision.” While loss of sight may not be as life-threatening as the need for a heart transplant, think about what a world without vision would be like.  Continue Reading >

#TheDress Debate of 2015

If you spend any time perusing the Internet, we are sure you at least saw The Dress phenomenon, (and are probably tired of it causing tensions in your relationships). If you missed it, there was much debate about what color the dress below truly is. Is it white and gold, or blue and black? You decide and then we’ll talk:  Continue Reading >

New Michael Kors Product, Just In Time For New York Fashion Week!

In honor of New York Fashion Week this week, we figured it was the perfect time to announce the addition of new Michael Kors product to our Crown Vision Center store! There is no doubt Michael Kors has been working hard preparing his newest designs for the NYFW runway and we are hard at work getting his latest eyewear designs in store and for you to shop online! Continue Reading >