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2014 Gifts For the Holidays

Whether you’ve yet to start your holiday shopping, or you are the kind of person to have your holiday gifts bought and wrapped by the beginning of December, we think there are always a few gifts you can add to your list. This holiday season definitely brings some must-haves. We found some of our favorites and put them in a list for you to make for easy, quick shopping!

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Cold Weather in St. Louis Brings Unhappy Eyes

As much as we might like to snuggle up with a good book and stay inside by the fireplace, we inevitably have to go outside into the elements come the winter season. Tilles Park in Ladue has a Winter Wonderland light show, Steinberg Ice Rink has The St. Louis Classic, where a St. Louis Blues game is shown at night and The Anheuser-Busch Brewery has a lit tour of the grounds complete with smore making. No matter how you plan to spend your holiday season this year, you’ll have to be outside at some point, which your eyes won’t be happy with.  Continue Reading >

Our St. Ann Location Got A Makeover!

From the outside our St. Ann location has those same big, inviting windows and same convenient location, but on the inside we just gave it a whole new look. While we have a added many locations in the St. Louis area to be conveniently located in your neighborhood, we also spend time and money on our current locations to keep them in style and up-to-date. Our team felt the Saint Charles Rock Road location was in need of a face lift, and we love how it turned out! Continue Reading >

Polarized Winter

It’s started… the first snow of the season just graced St. Louis with its presence, and we all know what that means…  more will soon be on its way, thus undoubtedly making our morning commute even more disastrous and our trees glisten with its shimmer. While we think to grab our favorite pair of sunglasses in the warm summer months, we sometimes forget how important they are for the colder winter months. Summer brings lots of sunshine and days relaxing by the pool so it’s natural to grab a pair of designer sunnies. Winter, however, means a lot of time running from the office to your car in hopes of avoiding the biting cold as much as possible. There is little time to remember to grab a pair of sunglasses. Continue Reading >

Sweater Weather

While the leaves are changing colors and the St. Louis weather is getting colder, we are seeing the 2014 fall style come out in full force. We’ve said goodbye to shorts and tanks, and hello to sweaters and jeans. While we may miss the warmth in the air, this year will more than make up for that with the hot fall and winter looks we will be seeing. Below we picked some of our favorite trends from this season and added some items that will be a staple in your closet during these cold winter months! Continue Reading >