Mardi Gras in St. Louis

If you grew up in the city, you probably brag about St. Louis having the 2nd largest Mardi Gras celebration, behind only New Orleans itself. The fun and wildness of the celebration is something every St. Louisan (and frankly everyone) should experience at least once in their lifetime. While Soulard has a lot of fun attractions, like McGurk’s Irish Pub and tours at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, there is nothing quite like the wall-to-wall lined streets of purple, green and gold. If you’ve got plans to join in the celebration this year, make sure you don’t forget (one of) the most important parts of the day…

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Where To Find Sunglasses In St. Louis

You’ve more than likely heard us say it before, and we’ll undoubtedly say it again: sunglasses aren’t just for summertime! Yes, the sun’s harmful UV rays are more dangerous in the summer, making sunglasses even more important, but these rays can do damage in the winter time too. Whether you love frolicking through the snow, or prefer to be inside next to a fireplace, you will inevitably be spending some time outdoors this winter walking to your car or shoveling the driveway. Without sunglasses, your eyes are at risk. Now that we’ve done our duty to protect your eyes from harm, we can get down to the fun part… Continue Reading >

Why You Need To Get Outdoors… Today!

It’s 5:00 on a Friday and you’re about to head out of the office, only to be stuck in traffic for the next 20-90 or more minutes depending on your commute and if there have been any accidents. All you want is to be home, on your couch with Wheel of Fortune on and food in the oven. You’re beyond excited for 2 whole days full of absolutely nothing but relaxation.

Sound about right? If you’re anything like us, you get the same Friday Feels we do. The excitement of a weekend to do anything and everything you want, or better yet, not having to do anything at all. But this outlook may actually be harming your vision….  Continue Reading >

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

The new year means it’s time for you to focus on how to make this your best year yet. It’s the perfect time to pick a resolution and/or a goal for the year, write it down and stick it up on that cork board you walk by every day. Maybe it’s to lose 10 pounds, or even just to make it to the gym 3 times a week. Maybe it’s to watch less T.V., or on the other hand finally make it through that running list of movies you’ve said you need to watch for the past 5 years. While these are all great resolutions, we think we’ve got something up our sleeve that will undoubtedly make 2016 your best year yet, and change your life for each year and adventure to follow… Continue Reading >

2016 Color of the Year

2015’s color, Marsala made for a year full of rich, dark tones, which we loved. But since the new year is upon us we guess it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new. Don’t get us wrong, it’s the middle of winter and we’ll still be sporting our favorite red wine-colored accessories, but it’s also the time of year when we start really missing spring and summer. The excitement of the holidays is over and everything is just… cold. Really, really cold. Pantone must have known just how we were feeling because the 2016 color(s) of the year have us ready for the rest of winter and beyond excited for the warmth to come. Continue Reading >

New Year’s Eve Challenge: Top Ways to Make 2016 Great

When the absolute craze of the holiday season is behind us, we love to spend a day or two reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what’s coming. We bet it’s safe to say that 2015 has had its ups and downs. While it might be hard to remind ourselves of the ups in the midst of one of the worst floods our area has ever seen, we think it’s incredibly important. We have a special challenge for you to complete either today or tomorrow!  Continue Reading >